Who We Are

We are a faith family seeking to deepen out love for Jesus Christ as well as grow closer together in love.  We eagerly invite our community into this family of faith.  We worship Christ, draw all to salvation in Christ, and serve in the name of Christ.  The Holy Spirit binds us together.  In everything, Christ is exalted! (Acts 2:42-47)

Our Mission

Love God.  Love our faith family.  Love our community.  Love by action.

What We Are Becoming

We devote ourselves to following Christ through worship, prayer, fellowship, evangelism, service, and commitment to God's Word.  We seek to demonstrate God's unceasing love for our community and world through ministries of compassion and proclamation of the Good News.  Through this, we anticipate encountering more of God's powerful presence in our lives. (1 Thessalonians 1:4-10)

How We Serve

Because we believe that we are stronger together than alone, we serve through a variety of teams.  These include Care & Compassion, Discipleship, Missions, Outreach, and Prayer.